Within a few years, we will be travelling to work, school and home differently in Rotterdam. More quickly, cheaply, comfortably, sustainably and flexibly. Without being delayed by traffic or long waiting times. We will leave the car at home more often and use the wide variety of seamlessly coordinated solutions offered by the city’s transport system.

With the Rotterdam Water Taxi fleet and Rotterdam City Bike (RoS), Spring Holding offers a coordinated mode of transport for short trips in the city. Rotterdam Water Taxi already makes more than 500,000 trips annually for business and pleasure. The 1,800 RoS bikes with their 150 docking stations have the potential to generate around 10,000 individual bike trips each day. It is our aim to create a transport system with these modes of transport that will eventually cover the whole of Rotterdam’s inner city.

These two integrated systems are the important initial components in the MaaS network, which will be part of the city’s transport system.

Mobility as a Service (MaaS)